Publicis Machine restores calm with Biral Spiral radio campaign

Publicis Machine has created a radio campaign that quite literally has listeners catching their collective breaths, and almost simultaneously reaching for their tranquilisers.

Which is exactly the desired effect.

Dubbed the Biral Spiral, the campaign was created to advertise the calming benefits of Biral, a mild natural tranquiliser. The campaign aims to position Biral as the hero in everyday situations where mild anxiety can quickly spiral out of control, stepping in to restore control and ultimately save the day.

What really comes through in these radio spots is the ability of the Publicis Machine team to produce authentic radio commercials that land the message. Three radio spots were produced, each illustrating how an anxious protagonist experiences a seemingly normal situation. Utilizing the narrative mode, the sports depict how one seemingly innocuous moment of anxiety – such as an exam, or a driving test – can spiral out of control, as one thought collides with another, resulting in the breathlessness of irrational panic.

The speed of the narrative, combined with a clever usage of stereo sound effects, generates an empathetic feeling of panic in listeners, increasing their breathing rate in tune with the panic-stricken protagonist. At which point the stream of consciousness is interrupted by the measured and controlled voice of the radio announcer: “Stop the spiral with Biral”.

“Biral understands that anxiety comes in all shapes and forms. It’s not just about the big things like paying off bonds, meeting impossible deadlines and figuring out the meaning of life. Sometimes, it’s about the much smaller things but, once it hits, anxiety can quickly spiral out of control, transforming even the smallest worry into the biggest nightmare,” explains Publicis Machine Group Executive Creative Director Gareth McPherson.

“Radio was the perfect medium to bring this innovative idea to life, allowing us to use the theatre of the mind to the max,” he adds. “The well-crafted script, witty writing and carefully controlled pace combine to create a campaign that we believe has huge potential to expand into a real sales-generating and award-winning brand story.