The First Spectrum | The Future – Are you in it?

Colourworks kicks off a captivating series of thought immersion forums. 

Driven by a strong vision, Colourworks worked on creating a series of thought immersion events – an open forum where industry friends, fellow influencers and decision makers would share ideas in a discussion about the most relevant topics.

Amongst Colourworks’ strongest beliefs is in an event’s power of proximity. That’s why, when they wanted to gain better insight into their industry, they decided to bring the industry into their building.

 “We don’t want to talk to, we want to talk with our peers, engage and learn from one another.” Cara-Ann Potgieter, Colourworks Marketing Manager

The topic of the inaugural Spectrum event was “The Future – Are you in it?” It positioned the discussion around concerns all industry minds and influencers have about tomorrow’s world.

“Where is the business world going? What does the future look like? How can I stay relevant?”

Craig Wing, acclaimed futurist and business strategist, was the perfect person to lead the discussion. He took everyone through the possibilities of the future, based on his in-depth knowledge of entrepreneurship, technology and disruptive innovation

“It looks like you guys are doing great things!” Tarryn Melissa, Redressed

Covering everything from the future of humans, the workplace to customers and business, he introduced new ways of thinking about the future, what questions to ask, what to prepare for as well as the astounding advancements already happening. He demonstrated that an improbable future can only be created by sharing absolutely ridiculous ideas.

The event involved everyone in an activity, where Craig asked the audience whether a certain futuristic innovation was Fact or Fiction. With the paddles provided, the audience displayed their answer – often shocked at the truth.

“Technology will one day make us superheroes – Fact or Fiction?”

Craig’s thought-provoking topics sparked many questions from his diverse audience. By sharing his own personal experiences and niche insights, Craig transformed the discussion from what started out as a seemingly traditional presentation into an in-depth, highly engaging conversation with over 30 people.

There are always worries and concerns before first times. But Colourworks’ first Spectrum event was a huge success that they can only build on. With plans to kick-off the next instalment of the series in the coming months, they certainly equipped their industry for the future. Are they in it? We’ll have to wait and see.

“To have such diverse a diverse audience share ideas that can help each of us grow – that inspired me beyond my expectations.” Lesley Waterkeyn, Colourworks CEO


Want to be part of the next Spectrum event? Join us in Johannesburg in September.