Karien’s oddball

We all have that one family member that doesn’t quite fit in… So, what if you could swap them out?

“It was a premise I couldn’t resist!” says Karien, who is completely at home shooting off the cuff and working with non actors. “It kinda felt like I was directing an unscripted episode of Modern Family, I loved it! Shooting to an idea and not a signed off script is an adrenalin inducing experience every time, but capturing real moments of connection or solitude reflect characters’ realities in very relatable ways and speak to us on a level that scripted lines rarely can.”

Karien’s film forms the online leg of FoxP2’s #chooseyourfamily campaign for the SPCA, which not only won at the most recent Creative (taking home 1st in Integrated, 1st in Digital & Interactive, & 3rd in TV, Film & Video), but has raised dog adoption rates by 65% 🙂