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NATIVE VML turns physical money into a new digital media space

NEDBANK launched their new positioning, ‘See Money Differently’ and saw an opportunity to own money in every sense of the word, tasking NATIVE VML to take their customers on a journey to see money differently by teaching customers  that money well managed can make a real difference in their lives.

In an African first, NATIVE VML partnering with Shazam, turned everyday Rand currency into a unique media space for Nedbank, embedding five ‘See Money Differently’ stories within R72 billion worth of South African banknotes currently in circulation. To unlock and view the content, consumers “Shazam” any South African banknote, which uses image recognition technology, to deliver the bespoke stories. The campaign is applicable to all South Africans, irrespective of their financial situation, to experience the different immersive experiences hidden within each note.

 “It’s always such an honour to do work for the Nedbank brand because it’s so fulfilling to work with a team that values innovation. The use of immersive digital technology was partially informed by neuro-economics and how the brain responds to digital storytelling and learning, especially when dealing with complex financial terms and concepts. Storytelling then informed the creative, ultimately becoming a fun way to see the message in money and have it educate the consumer. I have heard of different people getting different messages out of the stories, from children to grandparents, young entrepreneurs to people wanting to buy a new home. It’s great to see that the content resonates with different people in different ways because money is contextual after all. We all have different needs, uses and value we place on it”, said Donovan White, Lead Digital Strategist, NATIVE VML.

“We are thrilled to have been part of such an innovative project, seeing it come to life from storyboard through to the finished video and audio pieces.  We truly hope that this inspires South Africans to see money differently and be inspired by the opportunities and possibilities each and every note holds”, adds Karen Denny Head: Digital Marketing and Social Media GMCCA, Nedbank.

To unlock authentic South African stories, simply open the Shazam app, tap the camera icon and hold it over any R10, R20, R50, R100, or R200 note.

The R10 note: How R10 paved the way to the National Team

Told by Aubrey Modiba is a real KeYona Team Search success story that everyone can learn from. He took the little that he had and invested it into his talent and passion and by doing so, he has ensured a secure future. Nedbank then goes on to debunk credit for many South Africans, showing how if managed well it can, in, fact, be a powerful tool.

The R20 note: Milkman to Mogul   

Told through a short film, Richard Maponya’s story takes users a nostalgic trip to 1950s Sophiatown where his story serves to inspire and show how he saw money differently, despite the restrictions of Apartheid.

Learning from Maponya, Nedbank then gives their expert advice on how every South African can start their business, get funding and how to separate their personal and their business finances.

The R50 note: Look at your money differently, and see beyond the paper

The animated story of Relate Bracelets shows how a little can go a long way, like sustaining communities through employment and contributing to society and the natural world. The deeper story that Nedbank educates here is about conscious consumerism and how each Rand spent is a message sent. Nedbank goes on to educate how to be a conscious consumer and how businesses can be a conscious producer, thinking of the people and the planet while spending our money.

The R100 note: A Breath of fresh air

Jonathan Liebmann did not see money, he saw The Maboneng district bustling with opportunity and creativity. He invested his time and money and gave back to the community. Sending a clear message that no matter the money situation, it can be rejuvenated. This is one delivery you will want your earphones for because the 3D Audio will make you feel like you are standing on the streets of Maboneng.

Here Nedbank educates about property finance, looking beyond the trends and finding new opportunities in property that benefits not only the owners but entire communities around them.

The R200 note: Songbird Soars

Especially relevant during National Savings Month in July, Noluuyiso Mpofu’s story is an extremely, inspirational and untold one about how investing in your ambition, listening to the inner self and saving can really take you further than you ever imagined.In line with the overall narrative that a little can go a long way, Noluvuyiso’s story tiers up for Nedbank to explain how saving money is mostly in the mind. Nedbank goes on to explain the different types of savings and the tax benefits thereof. The animation delivery of this story is already proving popular with younger South Africans, showing that Nedbank is already making a difference to the future of our country.