Colourworks a finalist for two New Generation awards

Discover your inner Wealthsmith™ with The Sanlam Wealthsmiths™ Quest – a game created by Colourworks for Sanlam.

The gamified activation resulted in Colourworks being shortlisted as a finalist for the Most Innovative Gamification Campaign, which also qualifies the extraordinary Cape Town agency as a finalist for the New Generation Corporate Awards’ overall Social & Digital Corporate Winner Award.

Sanlam challenged Colourworks to create a concept that ties together the true qualities of being a Wealthsmith™, as well as showing facts about the Sanlam brand. The concept needed to appeal to students and graduates, and ultimately encourage them to apply for one of the Sanlam Graduate Programmes.

Colourworks turned the aspiration of becoming a Sanlam Wealthsmith™ into a game, which took the form of a set of multiple choice questions. A correct answer in each of the multiple choice questions allowed the student to progress to the next level, with a prize incentive.

“We knew that a game-style activation would attract a lot of attention from students,” says Colourworks Project Manager, Saarah Malick. “The challenge for us was changing the perception about the Sanlam brand at the same time; to get students to see the company as innovative, forward-thinking and in tune with their needs and wants.”

The activation was a huge success across the many locations and institutions, so much so that there is ongoing progress to develop a standalone app for the Sanlam Wealthsmith™ Quest game. The campaign was a great example of using gamification in an innovative way, to engage, educate and experience the Sanlam brand.

Colourworks would like to thank our team who worked hard to make this campaign a success and a massive shout out to Sanlam, who push the boundaries with their brand, allowing us to create this extraordinary campaign.