TBWA\ Hunt Lascaris chooses GIFs to carry the MTN Bright Side message

After Mic drop, the brand TVC of the MTN Bright Side campaign, we needed to extend the narrative to South Africa’s brighter social media landscape, while keeping in line with our key objective – to make MTN customers’ social feeds the brightest in the country.

In order to achieve that, we needed to capture a human insight so inherent to our local social media audience, that it became a part of their daily lives. Online GIFs and memes have become the pulse of social media interaction. They’ve become an engaging way of communicating to each other and best of all; they have the ability to brighten anyone’s day.

Instead of starting a new thread of social media conversations featuring our GIFs, we wanted to keep it real and chose to join and react to people on Twitter and Facebook’s existing ones. We reacted to them in an authentic and humorous way, giving more reason to love the Bozza network.

To bring that to life on social media gives us one clear goal for summer: #MTNBrightSideGIFs was designed to make MTN customers’ social feeds the brightest in South Africa.

For people to use the GIFs we needed to have street cred, so we featured the TVC characters doing the Vosho, a hot new local dance move that harnesses and expresses the summer time feeling.

In the end, along with Burley Boys and The End Post Production, we created over 130 GIFs, bringing to life the Bright Side on social media, spreading brand love for MTN, and making their customers’ feeds the brightest in South Africa.