MediaCom SA puts people first by reaching B-BBEE Level 1

8 March 2018, Johannesburg: Once again, MediaCom’s “people first” philosophy has steered them to a leading position in the industry. The company achieved a Level 1 status for Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) on 6 March 2018. This achievement is a result of MediaCom’s view that procurement should be used not only to pursue commercial objectives but also to support and promote Supplier Development, Enterprise Development and Socio-economic objectives.

In less than three years, MediaCom succeeded from a Level 4 status in 2016 to a Level 1 in 2018. The company’s aim is to retain a Level 1 score in 2019 under the newly revised codes.

“Achieving a B-BBEE Level 1 means more than just the status for MediaCom. For us, it talks to our ongoing commitment to transformation in our industry and South Africa, which we are really proud of,“ said Ashish Williams, MediaCom’s CEO, of the announcement.

MediaCom has been strategically proactive in talent management and planning, which has led to supply streams and partnerships with accredited training institutions and universities, allowing for structured, employed as well as unemployed internships and learnerships amongst other initiatives. The company’s Supplier Development strategy, in conjunction with the company’s Enterprise Development strategy, seeks to affirm its commitment to transformation as a business imperative. With this strategy, MediaCom seeks to maintain their B-BBEE performance by encompassing all the six elements of the charter, each contributing to the achievement of skills acquisition, development and transfer, job creation and retention as well as promoting local content. 

Michelle De Witt, Head of HR at MediaCom, said that the team worked very hard to achieve this. “MediaCom promises to have a ‘people first’ philosophy, but to us, it isn’t just lip service. The proof had to be in the pudding for all facets of our business, including our B-BBEE status.”

MediaCom continuously strives to ensure transformation and development through a comprehensive HR strategy, which encompasses achievement of numerical targets in line with DTI and EAP targets as set annually by the Labour Department. Fair, equitable and structured recruitment and selection process along with recruitment of people with disabilities is also a priority.

In terms of talent, identifying and finding top talent in the industry is key along with an ongoing and structured training and development programme. “We don’t limit our ‘people first’ philosophy to today. We believe that we have the responsibility to ensure that potential talent is given the right opportunities to find and follow future career paths that match their talents,” says Michelle.

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