What is the relationship between scientific marketing & creative instinct?

Does Scientific Marketing & Creative Instinct mix or conflict? In the below article Adam Byars, CEO and Partner at Grid, reflects on new insights that were discussed at the Ad-Future 2018 conference.

Let me close the loop on the panel discussion from yesterday. The overarching question for the panel: What is the relationship between Scientific Marketing & Creative Instinct? I grappled with this at first as I couldn’t contexualise the question. After listening to an inspiring & well versed panel I have come to my conclusion.

I am more of a gut instinct personality that has only really ever relied on my intuition in both my personal & professional life. As an industry we over analyze things, we can also rely on research to make us feel safe. We tend to put people in boxes, we communicate with consumers in the same way.

Grid has a simple philosophy in making something meaningful & purpose led. Interrogate what a Brands core values are. Amplify this. Brand conversations are all about buy buy buy, but at Grid we focus on making brands entertaining, inspiring, informative & beautiful.

Let’s not design for sake of designing, let’s not throw a tv script at a client & say that’s the ‘Big Idea’. Get to the core of the brand the culture of the organization. Ask yourself what’s the potential of the brief. Let’s create users first then buyers. Consumers are human beings filled with emotions & complexity. Ensure your message & sentiment is simplistic.

About Adam Byars

Adam is an experienced businessman in the creative industry with a demonstrated history of working both locally and internationally in the marketing & branding industry building key customer engagement experience in my early years on both Brand and Trade with BAT SA before switching to agency. He worked in the Middle East in the Advertising Industry before returning back to SA in leading Grid Worldwide as a lead in the Client Service team. Core skills and competence include Marketing Management, Brand Management, Integrated Marketing, Marketing Strategy, and Business Strategy and the development of agency operating models. Strong business development professional graduated from Pearson High.