Assegai Awards 2018 — celebrating greatness

Being the greatest, means showing your competition that you are sharper, smarter and have what it takes. You rise to the top and stand out as the company that delivers and exceeds your clients’ ROI expectations. The results will speak for themselves. In the words of ‘The great one’, Mohamed Ali

‘’Don’t count the days, make the days count’’.

The Direct Marketing Association of South Africa (DMASA) is pleased to announce that the Assegai Awards for 2018 are open for entry as of today 12 June 2018.

The Assegai Awards recognise and reward campaigns which deliver exceptional results and are a perfect platform for show-casing those intelligent and carefully crafted direct marketing solutions. 

“It’s the economic returns in these challenging times that will set you apart. Stretching that cerebral muscle, supported by endless cups of coffee and oozing ideas that come when you awake in the middle of the night” This is the substance of winners says the CEO of DMASA – Mr. David Dickens.

Our Assegai team works tirelessly on planning the spectacular event with you in the centre celebrating Greatness that is you – Our team has ensured we keep the glitzy affair focused on driving your value in the Direct marketing economy.

The entry process has been simplified to enhance the judge’s experience of getting to the nub, of your campaign. The forms and guideline details the entry process to ensure the judging panel, gets to allocate appropriate marks for your stunning campaigns.

Take a hold of your opportunity to shine, and increase your personal ROI, enter the Assegai awards, it truly does relate to economic reward.

‘Marketing is an investment not a cost’-Sir Martin Sorrel.

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