MediaCom sponsoring SA’s largest social & digital media awards for second time

13 September 2018, Johannesburg: MediaCom South Africa will be sponsoring the New Generation Awards in 2018 for the second consecutive time. MediaCom’s philosophy, “People first, better results”, resonated perfectly with the mindset of what the New Generation Awards are about: celebrating results and insight-based success by acknowledging new generations of award-winning talent.

One of the key objectives of this year’s New Generation Social & Digital Media Awards will be recognising “individual talent from within agencies, corporates and learning institutes in South Africa.” Acknowledging talent in learning institutions is especially important in light of the fact that, in 2018, the unemployment rate among SA’s youth maintained its 15-year high (Source: StatsSA).

With almost a third of the country’s younger generation currently without career prospects, it’s important to empower and encourage those that are passionate about what they do as the right industry recognition can pave the way for a successful and inspiring future.

The future of content and connections

Understanding this, MediaCom decided to sponsor the Outstanding Students Award this year. Not only does this award align with the company’s “People first, better results” approach, but drives positive community impact through active citizenship. To qualify, students must showcase how their digital campaign promoted community stakeholder engagement. By showcasing initiatives such as these, the advertising and marketing industry can truly make an impact beyond its normal creative boundaries.

MediaCom will also be sponsoring the Mobile Marketing Excellence Award and Blogging Excellence Award. South African smartphone users are projected to reach a staggering high of over 25 million by 2022 (Statista), which clearly shows that this medium, if utilised correctly, can be an invaluable tool for the creative communication industry.

MediaCom is also excited to sponsor the Best Virtual Reality Marketing Campaign Award. This award will recognise a campaign that has championed the use of virtual reality through desktop and mobile VR. The winner of this category will present a VR campaign/event that is immersive, impactful, memorable and novel. One that has made a deep and more meaningful connection with the audience, and puts them at the heart of the action. As the content and connections agency, MediaCom understands the talent it takes to use specialist tools and skills to get the maximum effectiveness out of clients’ communications systems.

This is another reason that MediaCom partnered with the New Generation Awards for the second time: where other awards may focus more on just the creative side of the campaign, there is a distinctly mathematical approach to the judging at New Generation Awards. “Although there will always be an element of emotion involved, the judging criteria ensures that it is primarily about the results. A meaningful digital marketing experience is a smart idea executed brilliantly, with the facts to back it up – that’s how the judges will be scrutinising each campaign,” says Stephen Paxton, MD of New Generation Awards.

This approach resonates with how MediaCom views the importance of delivering ROI on advertising campaigns, therefore assisting in shaping the industry to find a balance between ideation and results. “MediaCom is very excited to be a partner to the New Generation Awards, because we want to be at the forefront of the digital media landscape in SA, celebrating and inspiring great work, motivating performance and results, and acknowledging the talent in our industry,” says Claudelle Naidoo, Head of Insights and New Business Director.

MediaCom would like to wish all the entrants in these categories the best of luck.

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