So, what do data and Valentine’s Day have in common?

First you need to ask yourself, how do you score big in the love department? Well, a good start would be getting it right on Valentine’s Day! And that, of course, means no major ‘V Day’ fails, like sending a bunch of flowers to an allergic hayfever sufferer… Or buying a bottle of perfume that she really dislikes… Or planning a date to a Thai restaurant when he can’t stand spicy food…

The bottom line is that you have to have the right data upfront, interpret it correctly, and then devise an appropriate response in order to succeed (if you know what I mean)!

At Arc, that’s pretty much what we do. By using data, we help our clients understand their customers better, speak to them in a more relevant and meaningful way, and offer them goods and services we know that they will love. And that happens to be something we like to call, Intelligent Commerce.

What this actually means is that we use love and data to inspire people to act – whether it’s buying a new pair of sunglasses, reconsidering their washing detergent, shopping sooner, more often or spending more – all because they feel a real connection to a brand and experience real value.

But that’s not where this love story ends: by using data captured (across our very many touchpoints), our bespoke approach to CRM ensures we can create lasting relationships that benefit both the consumer and the bottom line of our client partners. And what’s not to love about that?

In the last year alone, we’ve received gazillions (you get the idea) of engagements on social media, as well as an overwhelmingly positive sentiment, huge growth in brand awareness and, ultimately, forged stronger relationships between our clients and their customers. Now that’s love!

Your brand needs more love – Arc South Africa can help you get it. Get in touch today.

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