Point of sale with a purpose

As we approach World Environment Day, we are once again reminded of the urgent need to reflect on what we do and how to do it better to conserve the Earth’s natural resources.

Here at Hewitt + Associates, we believe in doing business ethically and responsibly using only what we need with the smallest ecological footprint.

Over the past 50 years, the world production of plastic has significantly doubled. It takes about 500-1000 years for plastic to physically degrade, hence the team ensures that all plastic used is recycled and not thrown to waste. In addition, we do our best to purchase supplies made from recycled materials and have set internal goals to reduce plastic use wherever possible.

We strive to run an energy-efficient production environment, conserving as much energy as possible and reducing waste in every aspect of our business. The factory is temperature controlled with a passive cooling system and lighting a mixture of natural along with solar augmentation, this leads us to massive energy savings. Here at Hewitt + Associates we are always looking for innovative solutions to save energy and to create a better environment. We wholeheartedly believe that creativity, design and innovation can drive real change and leave things in a better state than the way we found them.

Reduce; reuse & recycle for a better tomorrow.

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