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Legend vs Simola

Written by Artifact Advertising, 9/13/2016 3:39:55 PM

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How do you promote a legend... By pitting it against other legends. This was the thinking when Nissan needed to hype up legendary racing event King of the Hill held annually in Knysna.

Legend vs Simola was born to display the awesome power of the legendary Nissan GT-R while allowing our social media fans to track the hill event.

The event involved two custom Nissan GT-R’s that were sent to Knysna to compete in the Simola Hill climb. Go-Pros and Cameras were set up in strategic positions to capture the footage of the ‘Legend’s taking on the renowned Hill climb.

As there was no live coverage of the event, we created videos to keep our fans updated on how the cars were performing, with the first video reaching 7 000 views organically within days and then, with the help of a very minimal budget, obtaining over 50 000 views

Nissan celebrated the end of an action packed racing weekend at the Simola Hill Climb in Knysna with five GT-Rs qualifying in the top 10 for the King of the Hill competition and first place in the Supercar Class for its factory backed GT-R R35.