How to add a news release to your Company News Office (this feature is only available to Premium subscribers):

NB: We strictly discourage editorial content being republished here on Ramify, a paid-for platform, as it may dilute a powerful editorial brand and/or create the impression that it may be advertorial. We recommend instead that you post one-to-three paragraphs and then a “continue reading on XYZ” link to the original source.

Step 1: Login


Login to your account. Click on Account (top right) and select Login.

Step 2: Add new article


In the Company News tab select NEW ARTICLE.

Step 3: Add a headline


Add a headline to your story under Article Title. PLEASE DON’T USE ALL CAPS. Sentence case is preferred.

Step 4: Add your featured image

Add your featured image (hit the + sign where it says Add an Image). The featured image will display in the company news room section of, on the company news front page of as well as as the bottom of your news article (see below). You cannot embed images in the body copy of your press release. The only image which will display on the site is the featured image you’ve added.

Because of sharing on Facebook and Twitter and how these posts preview, we find that the best pic to use is a square one, which we recommend to be 350×350 pixels. Remember, too, that it should be low res.

NB: Files must be smaller than 1 meg or our system will not accept them. File names may not contain special charaters like _, &, @ etc. Keep the file name simple and it will upload.

image 1


image 2


image 3

Step 5: Add the body of your press release

video 4

Make sure the Text tab is selected (it will show in red). The Text tab strips out all the formatting and coding you find in Word documents. This is important because that coding can corrupt your article layout in Ramify. Now add the body copy of your press release.

Step 6: Adding video (optional)

1. Make sure the TEXT tab is still selected in your editor.
2. Copy paste the code displayed in Step 2 of Article Content/Adding Content – it will be displaying on your computer screen once you’ve selected NEW ARTICLE.
3. On your YouTube account select SHARE. Then select EMBED.
4. Copy paste the URL (only!) displayed in the YouTube embed block (for example: into the editor code replacing INSERT YOUTUBE EMBED URL HERE. 5. Yes – you need the ?rel=0 part of the URL as well. Without it your video will not display.

video 1

video 2

video 3


Step 7:  Adding additional images (optional)

As indicated in step 4 – you cannot upload images directly into the body our platform. There is a cheat available for those so inclined. Simply add basic html code (be sure you have selected the text tab) to pull images onto the page from your own domain.

For example:html

Step 8: Hit Submit

Your press release gets sent to our editors for approval. Press releases are approved twice daily (first thing in the morning and again at 3pm). Once we’ve approved it it will go live on the site.

Step 9: Check that it’s all in order

video 5

You can preview your news release by hitting the Preview button next to your selected article. You will also see options for deleting your press release permanently (the bin) or to edit and make changes to you press release (the pen).

Congratulations! You have successfully loaded a news release onto your company news office.

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