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What is Ramify?

Ramify.biz, which launched in 2016, connects marketers to agencies, and agencies to service providers and suppliers.

What is the company news room service?

A company news room allows you to promote current accounts wins, campaign launches, promotions and other company news in your profile. Headlines are featured on the front page of MarkLives.com, the MarkLives email newsletter sent every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, the @MarkLives and @Ramifybiz Twitter accounts and Ramify.biz Facebook page —putting your news headlines in front of an niche audience of marketing and advertising personnel across South Africa, Africa and the rest of the world. This option is only available to paid-for Premium profiles.

What do I get for going Premium

Your free Ramify.biz profile is upgraded with access to premium features, including:

  • Boosted search visibility (think Google — RELEVANT paid-for profiles appear first in alphabetical order, followed by non-paid-for search results).
  • The ability to add a showcase portfolio, saving potential clients time in finding and accessing your portfolio of work.
  • A company news room for highlighting your current accounts wins, promotions, campaign launches and other company news.
  • Exposure through the publication of and links to your news room content via marklives.com (40 000 unique visitors a month), MarkLives newsletter (3 480+ subscribers), Facebook (Ramify: 2 493 page likes) and Twitter (@MarkLives: 13 100 followers and @Ramifybiz: 884 followers).
  • All paid for content are clearly marked as being served via Ramify to ensure MarkLives’ impeccable editorial integrity remains intact.

The stats (previous 12 months)




Unique visitor sessions

70 870

487 891

Unique visitor sessions monthly avg

5 905

40 657

Unique users

34 588

290 665

Pages served

130 653

1 318 656

Average session duration

1 minute 58 seconds

1 minute 10 seconds


Top country sessions



South Africa (85.48%)

South Africa (78.41%)

US (3.81%)











Kenya (2 834 unique visitors)


Demographic overview: Ramify.biz




18–24: 17.3%

Female: 51.3%

Desktop: 78%

25–34: 40.7%

Male:  48.7%

Mobile:  20%

35–44: 26%


Tablet: 2%

45–54: 11%



55–65: 5%



The cost

The cost is R13 683 per annum (once-off fee, incl VAT). You also get 36 free press releases for your news room. Contact us to upgrade your profile to Premium! You can also now make payment directly online.

DO GOOD. Invest in keeping top of mind through access to our growing readership of senior marketers.

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What is MarkLives?

MarkLives.com covers adland and marketing without fear or favour. The result? A fresh, independent and investigative view of southern Africa’s changing comms landscape and a must-read for top-level advertising, marketing and media execs.

Register your free agency/supplier profile on Ramify.biz

1. Visit Ramify.biz http://ramify.biz/register/business-type/
2. Click Account Agency (or Supplier & Services if relevant).
3. Complete your free profile.
4. Once you’ve completed your profile, we will approve and publish the profile on Ramify, within 24 hours.
5. To upgrade to a Premium profile, follow steps 1–4 and drop us a note asking for our booking form.