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When you strip away all the hyperbole and reduce advertising to its purest… will the world actually give a damn? As a brand. As an advertiser. We are the agency that can help you answer ‘yes’ to that question. Every. Single. Time. Advertising is changing. Everyone knows this. But no one’s doing much about it.

We are.

DDB is changing. We understand that we no longer dictate the path that consumers take. They’re talking to each other. Powerfully influencing one another. We’re moving through interrupting, through engaging and onto influencing. It’s called Social Creativity. And it’s the only way. At DDB we don’t use rigid methodologies. They minimize creativity. We don’t differentiate traditional from digital. They are one and the same. The idea is king. And it has a like box. We are now competing with the entire world for attention. Never before has it been harder for brands to have their voice heard. And the shout is deafening.

It is Us vs. Everyone.

So, we have to be better than Everyone. We have to set our bar so high, that Everyone simply can’t come close. At DDB we do just that. Our advertising is part of client’s products and they expect us to be as progressive as they are. We are changing because they are changing. The way to get people to give a damn is to make advertising what they give a damn about. And then allow them to get to it whenever they want.

Old dog. New tricks. We are DDB.

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