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Fogg is a digitally led creative agency in Johannesburg and Cape Town, that has always had Digital at its core, since 2005, with its history firmly in creativity, design and technical magic that harnesses the power of great creative ideas and pushes boundaries through technological innovation. As an agency for today, we are committed to building long lasting relationships with our clients by creating result driven world-class solutions that constantly challenges the status quo of what is possible.

When we say digitally led, we mean that digital is the glue that holds every single aspect of a campaign together. Digital is the difference between a good campaign and an amazing one.

But perhaps you already knew that.
And that’s why you’re looking at this profile.
So we don’t need to sell digital to you.

We need to tell you about how Fogg and digital – which is a little different.

First of all, Fogg questions everything. There is nothing that gets past without some thorough scrutiny. The reason that we do this is because we understand that you can’t out-design a bad idea. Nothing gets into our studio unless we truly believe that it is fundamentally right.

Our second point is this; we can scrutinize and interrogate everything because we know what we’re doing. The reason we know what we’re doing is because we are insight-driven. Serious, ah-ha moment insights. Insights that are developed through data-insights and experience; we always look to marry the two to ensure that we do always come up with a great idea that is made even greater through design.

Which brings us to our third point. We are good at design.We are really good at design because we believe in simplicity. Simplicity drives useful, useable design, and ultimately, that’s what we are all about.

Our final point is about being useful and useable.Understanding that beauty begins with function and this means equal share of creative and technology.

Our Mantra
Elegant simplicity

Government & public sector
Travel & leisure

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