Hero Digital

Hero Digital is part of a larger company called Hewitt + Associates (H+A). 

They specialise in retail point of sale solutions. Some of their offerings include counter top units, permanent and temporary structures. 


Hero Digital started off just doing mobile ready hero images.

What sets us apart from others doing this is that have looked at hero images from a legal point and in addition we are part of the GS1 hero image standardisation working group. 

Our priority is ensuring that your hero images always meet the latest guidelines accurately


We have since expanded into other digital offerings which include but not limited to: 

  • Packshots 
  • Mobile Ready Hero Images
  • Social Media (Including: Copy, Static Images, Carousel, Link Ads, GIFs, Video & 360 Degree Posts).
  • Video & Electronic Designed Presentations
  • 3D Renders & 360 renders
  • Archiving of images for distribution 
  • We can do website banners (when requested)
  • Audits (Which includes strategic recommendations, look at competitors & social listening).

Our process for content creation is to always look at things differently. 

We believe in creating relevant, meaningful content. 


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