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As the exclusive licensee for licensee for Adstream in Sub-Saharan Africa, we specialize in Marketing Operations Solutions.

Adstream is a global advertising technology and services provider, helping brands and agencies to manage the creation, optimization, storage and delivery of content. The Adstream Platform is the first all-in-one Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution to be connected to broadcasters, publishers and online services, enabling seamless workflows and unparalleled advertising and marketing transparency.

Our collaborative solutions enable brands, media owners, agencies and production companies to achieve higher efficiency, transparency and profitability throughout the advertising cycle across TV, Radio, Print and Digital media and workflow platforms. 

We've recently added a new service to our suite of products.  Introducing Adlytics!

Adlytics tracks the broadcast of radio and TV ads, music and music videos. We verify and reconcile paid-for, scheduled advertising to the actual broadcast, provide near real time reports on all aspects of compliance, including usage rights and competitor activity and trends.

Sophisticated technology, including business intelligence tools, digital video and audio fingerprinting, and a strategic partnership with Radiomonitor, will enable us it to introduce Adlytics at a price point previously not possible.

Our companies solutions are designed to simplify your operational and marketing collaboration process, resulting in significant time and cost savings. 

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