When we formed in 2010 it was with the bold ambition to become South Africa’s leading digital agency. Our cornerstone has always been “purpose-driven work that lives in people’s lives”. This mantra has taken us down a deliberate path of transformation – from a digital agency, to an “Agency for the Digital Age”. While this may sound like a subtle, semantic difference it is actually a very significant and strategic distinction for us. A digital agency defines itself by the tools and channels it uses, while an Agency for the Digital Age is defined by the people it serves. As an Agency for the Digital Age, we understand the dynamics of the connected world and the needs of the connected consumer. They are at the centre of whatever we do, and we use whatever media, channels and means necessary to build relationships between those connected consumers and our client’s brands. An Agency for the Digital Age is a strategic partner who works with clients to reinvent their brand – to not only survive in this connected world, but to thrive in it.

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