About Hoorah Digital

Who We Are

Hoorah is an independent digital media consultancy that offers programmatic, SEO, paid marketing, data insights, digital training and creative solutions.

We work with your brand to reshape the way you communicate. In today’s marketplace, you need to talk to a consumer online as if they’re standing right in front of you. One-on-one, personal, emotive communication is the future of advertising.

But this is only possible if you understand your consumers. To understand people – their habits, their browsing patterns, their likes and dislikes – you need to dig deep into the data to uncover golden insights. We believe that data always tells a story: one that is impartial, unbiased, objective. Once we’ve got a solid grasp of the story, we can help you advertise in a smart and cost-effective way. That might mean leveraging existing solutions, or it might mean building tech from scratch, but it definitely doesn’t mean using the spray and pray methods of old.

So much of this industry is about good people. You need data, art, and media to unlock these little golden nuggets of information that are priceless in the right hands. We hire smart, ambitious people that go against the grain and always endeavour to express their uniqueness. We look after our team because we are in the game of talent.

Hoorah operates in South Africa with offices in Johannesburg, Cape Town. We are also based in eastern Africa and much of southern Africa, as well as London.

If you want real business results, give us a call or drop us an email.

Industry Sectors

  • Asset & wealth management
  • B2B
  • FMCG
  • Insurance
  • Retail & consumer
  • Travel & leisure
  • Automotive
  • Financial services
  • Healthcare
  • Property
  • Technology

Agency Type

  • Digital


  • Data
  • CRM
  • Media Buying
  • Digital
  • Programmatics
  • Media Planning

Other Information

  • 40-50 Staff Members
  • Revenue Range - R30-50m
  • Year Established - 2018
  • BEE - Level 2