How to add a Article

How to add a news release to your Company News Office (this feature is only available to Premium subscribers):

NB: We strictly discourage editorial content (like opnion pieces published as editorial content elsewhere) being republished here on Ramify, a paid-for platform, as it may dilute a powerful editorial brand and/or create the impression that it may be advertorial. We recommend instead that you post one-to-three paragraphs and then a “continue reading on XYZ” link to the original source.

Step 1: Login

Login to your account.

Step 2: Add new article

From the left side menu select: Newsroom

Select: + Add New

Step 3: Add a headline

Add a headline to your story under Title. PLEASE DON’T USE ALL CAPS. Sentence case is preferred.

Step 4: Add a short description

Add a short description/excerpt to your story under Short Description. Keep this to one or two sentences.

Step 5: Add an Author

Add an Author name to your story under Author. This would usually be your company name and will be displayed with your copy. For opinion pieces you can add the name of the writer.

Step 6: Select your news category

Select Business (news relevant to your business), Events (events, conferences etc.) or Informative (opinion pieces) from our News Category menu.

Step 7: Add the body of your press release

Now add the body copy of your press release.

Step 8: Add Featured Image

Add your featured image (hit the + Browse sign to select the image from your hard drive). The featured image will display in the company news room section of, on the company news front page of as well as as the TOP of your news article. You cannot embed images in the body copy of your press release. The only image which will display on the site is the featured image you’ve added. If you do not add a featured image your logo will display as a default replacement.

NB: Files must be smaller than 4 meg or our system will not accept them. File names may not contain special charaters like _, &, @ etc. Keep the file name simple and it will upload.

Step 9: Hit Submit

Your press release gets sent to our editors for approval. Press releases are approved twice daily (first thing in the morning and again at 3pm). Once we’ve approved it it will go live on the site. If your release is embargoed or needs to be released on a specific date or time please let us know via email.

Congratulations! You have successfully loaded a news release onto your company news office.

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