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7 Tips on how to use data collection to increase sales

The data you collect is hiding all sorts of insights that could be very valuable if you know how to use it.

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Ad blockers may not be the bad news we all fear

Ads are a necessary part of the ecosystem,as they form a major source of revenue for online publishers. But many people have come to hate online ads and have welcomed ad blockers.

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Analytical... not statistical

2018 is the year of analytical (and not statistical) digital marketing campaigns.

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Retailers in the market for intelligent advertising strategies

Amorphous Stride’s CEO, Grant Shippey, looks at how both small and big brands can increase their return on marketing investments if they use their own data to target shoppers more effectively.

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Using technology to prime your big leads for better brand retention

Building a long-term relationship takes more than an introduction. It takes time together, getting to know each other and building trust.

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