About TrendER Insights

Who We Are

Who we are
We are “The human science behind consumer behaviour” because behind any consumer trend, motivation and perception lies a core human insight. We at TrendER Insights uncover these human instincts and needs to not only help our clients discover trends, but uncover the underlying reasons behind what fuel is actually driving these trends.

We don’t live 9-5 – we live life!
We are not a 9 – 5 pm enterprise, but rather our team is always out there living life to the fullest! In order to be as close as possible to your consumers and target market. We live our passion and thus TrendER Insights’ analyst are one of the most social individuals in the industry, always interacting with new people, experiencing different cultures, lifestyles and always on the social scene. From the latest street fashion trends to high end fashion events, beauty make up tricks and hairstyle we do it all. From the city uptown premium high streets to the granular every man common streets, across different cities we make sure that we are always a part of the action. We analyse,we play, we socialise but most importantly we live life, in order to gain first hand experience and knowledge into the consumer’s world!

That is why we can call ourselves Trend Analysts!


Qualitative research

Consumer journey mapping

Industry Sectors

  • Professional service
  • B2B
  • Retail & consumer

Agency Type

  • Research


  • Strategy
  • Research

Other Information

  • Revenue Range - Under R10m
  • Year Established - 2014
  • BEE - Level 1